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Jessica Dorrell Resigns From Arkansas

Jessica Dorrell, Bobby Petrino's former mistress, has officially resigned from her position as the University of Arkansas' student-athlete development coordinator, the school announced Tuesday. From the Associated Press:

Athletic Director Jeff Long said the decision was mutual and that there are no immediate plans to try to re-fill the job.

The university says Dorrell will be paid approximately $14,000 to settle "all matters between the parties."

Dorrell was hired by Petrino on March 28. Four days later, she was riding with Petrino on his motorcycle when he lost control and wrecked. It was during the investigation into that accident that the university learned Petrino and Dorrell were involved in an extramarital affair -- and that Petrino had pushed through the hiring of Dorrell from a pool of 159 applicants despite the obvious conflict of interest.

Petrino was fired on April 10 and Dorrell was placed on administrative leave a few days later. In addition to the $14,000 she will receive from Arkansas, Dorrell also received a $20,000 gift from Petrino to purchase a car before their relationship became public.

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