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Mike Slive Approves Of Arkansas' Decision To Fire Bobby Petrino

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive told the media he endorsed Arkansas' decision to fire head coach Bobby Petrino. Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long fired Petrino with cause earlier this month, when it was discovered Petrino lied to Long about his motorcycle accident and revealed his relationship with Jessica Dorrell, another department employee. Slive lent his full support to Long's decision, stating, "I was proud of the action taken by the university."

If Arkansas had not taken any action, Slive would not comment on whether he would have suspended Petrino himself, enacting a power he has as the head of the conference. He would not address the hypothetical, according to Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News:

"That issue never came to me so I'm not going to talk about it," Slive said. "If it ever came to me, I would have to make that decision. It's something I have not yet had to address and hopefully I never will have to address."

Arkansas will play its spring game on Saturday with Taver Johnson as interim head coach. Long has said he will make an update announcement on the school's search to replace Petrino early next week.

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