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Bobby Petrino Scandal: Jeff Long's Notes On Jessica Dorrell Affair

The Bobby Petrino scandal began a few weeks ago, at least in the eyes of the public, and it doesn't seem to be coming to a close anytime soon. The latest information on the disgraced head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks football program was released on Thursday as the Associated Press received notes from conversations involving Petrino and athletic director Jeff Long.

Quite a bit of new information was released in the notes compiled by Long and assistant athletic director Jon Fagg. The documents -- containing what the two had talked to Petrino, Jessica Dorrell and others about relating to Petrino's eventual firing -- were released to the Associated Press as part of a Freedom of Information Act request.

There's quite a bit of information uncovered, ranging from random (Petrino apparently liked to buy Dorrell Hot Tamales) to reckless (Petrino's $20,000 gift to Dorrell could possibly have led to sexual harassment charges, according to Long).

Most interesting, however, was the fact that Long attempted on multiple occasions to try and find reasons keep his head coach.

Long wrote a detailed list of contract violations Petrino had committed before meeting with the former coach to discuss them. He included in his notes that he was still looking for Petrino to remain the Arkansas coach, despite those violations, and asked Petrino to "help me understand why these are not violations of your contract."

However, Petrino's answers didn't provide Long with the ammunition he was looking for to keep the highly successful coach. Instead, Petrino confirmed his relationship with Dorrell had continued, saying they went on the fateful April 1 motorcycle outing because they "had always said they would go for a ride."


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