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Paul Petrino Worrying About His Brother While Trying To Replace Him

Arkansas Razorbacks offensive coordinator Paul Petrino should be one of the top candidates for the Hogs coaching job, which is shaping up to be filled by an inside hire for the time being. He has the support of star quarterback Tyler Wilson, for one thing. But you could understand if Jeff Long had to think a little extra hard about putting his program in the hands of Bobby Petrino's brother, no matter how clean those hands are.

From the Sporting News, Petrino discusses the trickiest opportunity of his career:

Imagine how difficult it must be for Petrino to love and support his brother while trying to not only prove to his athletic director that his heart is in the job but to perform his job, in the name of security, better than ever.

"It's been real hard. I'm worried about him," Petrino said. "I try to call him or text him at night or at lunch, let him know I love him or I'm thinking about him.

"But as terrible as this is for my brother-again, I'm there for him and I'll love him forever-I've got to go make the most of it."

Saturday, Arkansas welcomed a school-record 45,000 to its spring game as Wilson led the first team to 65 points against the backups. Scoring 65 points on your own teammates is only sort of like getting a possible promotion after your brother temporarily ruins his career, but it's the only metaphor available.

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