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Next Arkansas Football Coach A Mystery, But Reportedly Has Contract

Whoever the Arkansas Razorbacks are planning on unveiling as their next head coach -- if indeed they are set on announcing him (or her) Monday -- they've been able to keep the name under wraps for quite a while. Rumors continue to swell, but there's no solid report on who the hire might be, if it's even an outside name and not an interim.

However, here's an additional report that the process is moving along:

The only widely rumored candidate, Bud Foster, won't be the subject of either an Arkansas press conference or the one at Virginia Tech, which will reportedly mark the end of basketball coach Seth Greenberg's time in Blacksburg. But now we're talking about ACC basketball somehow. Many had wondered if Foster would be the Razorbacks hire, you see.

Between this and Bobby Petrino's own arrival in Fayetteville, I think we've all learned Jeff Long is good at keeping secrets.

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