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Bobby Petrino Scandal: Police Captain Lance King Now Under Investigation

Arkansas State Police Captain Lance King transported Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino to the hospital after the coach's Sunday night motorcycle accident. You'll recall Petrino was picked up at a location near his female passenger's car, not at the site of the accident itself. King also happens to work security for Arkansas football during the season.

So now we've got another question or two that need answering, it appears. Jeff Long's Tough Decision and The Petrino Impropriety Power Rankings

In a statement, ASP said:

On Thursday afternoon (April 5, 2012) the Arkansas State Police completed its investigation of the motor-vehicle crash involving Robert Petrino and Jessica Dorrell.

Subsequently public inquiries have arisen asking the State Police to offer answers to questions relating to the sequence of events which precipitated State Police Captain Lance King to respond to the Fayetteville location where he met Coach Petrino and any information Captain King may have learned about the crash during conversations with Coach Petrino.

While the inquiries have no direct correlation to the investigation of the motor vehicle crash, the questions are legitimate and worthy of answers.

This afternoon (Friday, April 6, 2012) Captain King has been asked by his supervisor to provide a detailed summary of his involvement with Coach Petrino and other individuals who've been identified within the crash investigation.

It is the intention of the Arkansas State Police to have information from the summary which may be shared with the public early next week. What information will be released will depend on what facts Captain King provides to his supervisor.

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