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Bobby Petrino 911 Call Released: Audio And Transcript Of The Recording

The 911 call following Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident was released on Friday and it confirms the police report from Thursday indicating the Arkansas head coach was not alone. A caller who did not witness the accident but did come upon the scene shortly after it happened tells the 911 operator a male and female were on the motorcycle and the male, Petrino, appeared to be bleeding profusely.

The caller also adds that the two got into a white SUV and headed to a hospital. He finds identification near the motorcycle, saying it belongs to Bobby and Rebecca Petrino.

And here's a transcript:

Caller: My name's Larry and we're on highway 16 between Elkins and Durham. It's a motorcycle, a single-vehicle accident as near as I know. And the rider and the passenger of the motorcycle declined us to call 911. They got in a vehicle and headed to the hospital.

Operator: Did they hit anybody?

Caller: No, it's in the right of way. The motorcycle is here on the right of way and we're a little bit hesitant to leave it here.

Operator: Hold on a second. Where at on 16?

Caller: It's on highway 16, they were northbound and it's somewhere between Elkins and Durham. It's a quarter of a mile east of the Pig Tail Store. Quarter of a mile from the crosses store .. Pig Tail Store at crosses.

Operator: Oh wow, that's way south of Durham, so it's nowhere near Durham.

Caller: Ok, that's where I'm at...anyway.

Operator: What kind of vehicle did they get into and leave?

Caller: It was a white SUV [garbled]

Operator: Hold on one second .. did you witness the accident?

Caller: No ma'am, I came by when they were getting out of the ditch. I can give you the license plate of the motorcycle if you like. I've got it here.

Operator: Sir I'm sorry I was on the radio again.

Caller: That's ok, I was talking with another person here.

Operator: How badly were they injured?

Caller: It looked like his face was bleeding quite a lot, but she did not look to be very injured. She's the passenger. The gentleman was walking, but it looked like his face was bleeding quite a lot. He was walking on his own power.

Operator: How long ago did this accident happen?

Caller: Five minutes, maybe 10. Robert and Rebecca and Petrino is the name they're finding.

[Confirm the name and tag number on the motorcycle]

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