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Rally For Bobby Petrino Is A Real Thing, Happening On Monday

This really isn't a good idea. It's one thing to profess support for Bobby Petrino online or elsewhere, but quite another to rally in front of an administration building on the Arkansas campus in an effort to ensure he's not fired. The group plans to gather in front of the Broyles Complex at 7 p.m. on Monday with the goal of pressuring athletic director Jeff Long to not fire Petrino.

Granted, Long hasn't made a decision either way and it wouldn't be surprising for Petrino to keep his job. But is it really necessary to rally for a man who did some morally questionable things, all in the name of hopefully winning some football games?

There's also a rallying cry, because of course there is.

Arkansas Football: It's the players running through the A, Hog Hats. It's more than 70,000 fans calling, "WOO PIG SOOIE!".

Arkansas Football: It's the State of Arkansas banding together behind one team, and a mascot like no other. Those select few who put on the jersey are, chosen. They wear the colors, they pay the price, and they succeed. They are exceptionable, they are Razorbacks.

Together we stand as tall as the tower of Old Main. Our memories are etched in stone like names on Senior Walk. And our blood flows Razorbacks Red. For 100 years we've been Hogwild, and today we continue the tradition.

We are, Arkansas Razorbacks!.


And with that, Arkansas jumps to the top of the crazed fan power rankings for the moment. Exhibit B to support this assertion can be found right here. Roll Tide, War Eagle, SEC, WOOOOO PIG SOOIE.

H/T College Football Talk