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Arkansas Moving On With Spring Practice, Despite Bobby Petrino Controversy

Lost in all of the controversy surrounding Bobby Petrino, his motorcycle accident and his relationship with a subordinate is the fact that his Arkansas Razorbacks team is still working on getting better at football. The Razorbacks are in the middle of spring practice, and they quietly returned to the practice field on Friday.

Taver Johnson is the acting head coach, and he's currently being careful not to say anything. Seeing as Bobby Petrino could still potentially be his boss this fall, this is probably a good idea. He was asked what he thought about the situation and didn't immediately pass judgment.

"Again, you don't know all the facts, you don't have all the information. So, until you have all those things, you can't really pass judgment. The players, I think they're along the same lines. Nobody really knows, so you can't really answer a ton of questions yet until you find out.''

It might be a few days before Johnson or any of the Arkansas players know Petrino's fate, and they're going to have to continue practicing without knowing who is going to be in charge when real games roll around. Practicing at the same level as they were practicing at pre-motorcycle crash could be understandably difficult.

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