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VIDEO: Arkansas Fans Aren't Taking The Bobby Petrino Scandal Well

Things aren't going so well for the Arkansas Razorbacks lately. Just over a week ago, head coach Bobby Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident, suffering a few scary injuries as a result. That was bad enough, though nothing compared to what came later.

A few days after the accident, the police report was released, and, contrary to his initial public statement, Petrino was not alone. On the back of the motorcycle was a 25-year-old female athletic department employee with whom Petrino later admitted he had a "previous inappropriate relationship." Petrino was suspended with pay while athletic director Jeff Long began an investigation.

So ESPN sent Shelley Smith to Fayetteville with a camera to gauge how the locals felt about Petrino, and whether or not they thought he'd keep his job. The video that came of it all was, simply, amazing.

Video via ESPN

The man in the beginning of the video wins everything. Waving around whatever he's told, he goes into a lecture about lying -- "I can lie to my wife, and she'd forgive me" -- and the wisdom of riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

This is a fanbase conflicted, torn between being upset at Petrino and fearing what may happen if the head coach who brought them 11 wins in 2011 is fired. And so they'll rally -- it may not be a good idea, but they'll gather together in solidarity, urging Long to retain Petrino on Monday.

If the above video is a preview of Monday night, it should be a blast.