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Arkansas State Police Release Report On Bobby Petrino's Motorcycle Accident

The motorcycle accident that touched off the firestorm that currently licks at Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino happened just eight days ago, on April 1, and news of it broke one week ago, on the following Monday. On Monday evening, the Arkansas state police released their narrative report from the crash, which confirms that Petrino's companion on the night, Arkansas student-athlete development coordinator Jessica Dorrell, made a phone call to police in the wake of the crash.

The ASP said in a statement that the Captain Lance King's report is evidence that its officer "did not violate any State Police policy or state laws" based on the narrative he provided. King, who has worked pre-game and gameday assignments with Petrino since 2010, also writes, "I do not know Jessica Dorrell and I have never met her."

A copy of the report, which also mentions King's Sunday evening trip to Wal-Mart for "a jar of spaghetti sauce and a pound of lunch meat" and the fantastically-named Tim K'Nuckles, was made available to Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long. Long announced that Petrino had been placed on paid administrative leave on Thursday, and is in the process of conducting a full investigation.

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