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College Football Media Not As Worried About College Football Media As BCS Is

Among the issues raised by Bill Hancock, BCS figurehead, about playing college football playoff games on campus sites: what to do with all the media members in the event of a semifinal game being played in a smaller town? We've already dispatched worries about little stadiums hosting playoff games, so let's keep going. Let's just say the college football media isn't buying Hancock's concern.

Quoth Andy Staples of to Mr. Hancock:

I say this as a media member who routinely stays two hours from a game site because of outrageously priced or unavailable hotel rooms. In your hypothetical, there is this magical place called Kansas City. They have great barbecue there. You should know. You live there.

And here's Dan Wetzel, chief of the BCS pitchfork-raisers:

Wait, now they are worried about the media? Finally I am 100-percent qualified to answer a question, and here's the answer: The media will stay wherever the heck they can. Topeka, Lawrence, mostly Kansas City. Then they will get up early and drive to the stadium because, you know, it's their job.

We do it every single week of the season. College-town hotel rates are ridiculous and usually require three-night minimums. Besides, I have never met a single sportswriter, broadcaster or television crew that doesn't know how to drive a car.

While the suits that run college athletics darn near faint if they don't get a police escort to the game, this isn't a media issue.

Elsewhere, Bring On The Cats commenters came up with a wide range of Manhattan accommodations advice.

When all's said and done, the BCS will be remembered as a positive for college football. But its dispatches to the public have been one long smear of bullshit throughout, and made-up frets about where to put all the reporters aren't doing anything but tipping the hand here. Many conference commissioners want to hold neutral-site playoff games at NFL stadiums, and they'll have Hancock say whatever they can come up with to make that seem like the best idea.

Let's also recall K-State's campus once set the record for College GameDay attendance:

While we’re here, let’s watch some college football videos from SB Nation’s new YouTube channel together: