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Florida State To The Big 12? It's Officially A Topic Now

So the ACC has a new media deal that will mean a couple or so million more for each school per year. Does this mean we've heard the last of those rumors about the Florida St. Seminoles and Clemson Tigers looking to the Big 12? Far from it! Seeing how little each ACC school is set to earn compared to their counterparts in the Big 12 -- which has four fewer schools, also allows schools to keep their Tier 3 media rights and doesn't even have a football championship yet -- has only ramped up the grumbling among the most football-minded ACC fan bases.

I feel the entire situation can best be explained as follows, but several writers have also made arguments for and against an ACC exodus:


See? Horse mascots explain everything, as always!

Florida State is the most-talked-about entity here, but it's sort of assumed in any of the Internet's many totally made-up scenarios that Clemson would accompany the Noles to the Big 12. Some have also thrown in some combination of the Virginia Tech Hokies, Maryland Terrapins and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, along with the ages-old rumors of the BYU Cougars and Louisville Cardinals. Basically, every team.

But we know this is Officially A Topic now, as Chip Brown of has weighed in on it. Brown lays out a case for FSU to build its own Seminole Network in the Big 12. For an athletic department looking to stop losing money, a potential total $8-10 million more per year could be mighty enticing. Brown also cites the Big 12's interest in expanding Pac-12ishly, with new commissioner Bob Bowlsby talking up the conference's "electronic footprint." I barely understand what that means, but adding a national brand from the state of Florida indeed seems like the kind of footprint any conference would want.

On the other hand, Chadd Scott from insists FSU shouldn't consider the Big 12, bringing up the Big 12's lesser "academics" (but arguing for the Noles to head to the SEC, where "the academics" are also lesser than the ACC) and describing the ACC as a Southern football conference better suited to FSU's culture despite the ACC's membership including Boston College, Syracuse and Pittsburgh. Scott also worries FSU fans would become "disengaged" with the Big 12's schedule, largely due to travel distances, though the first commenter points out Big 12 travel and ACC travel could end up being right around the same, depending on who else the Big 12 brought in. Scott also sort of brushes over money, which should probably be discussion item No. 1 at all times.

If I were to argue against FSU taking a potential Big 12 invite, I'd point out the ACC is easier to win than the Big 12 is, and getting into business with Texas is a funny way of escaping current conference bullies. Those would be just about my only points against the move.

So! Now that this is Officially A Topic, what do we think?

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