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Big East Expansion: Boise State Could Be Having Cold Feet, Reportedly

When college football fans realized the sport is soon to get a playoff, many of us began wondering about whether the Boise St. Broncos would rethink their decision to leave the Mountain West for the automatic-qualifying BCS. But the Broncos would still make more TV money in the Big East, and I think most admins knew AQ status was going away anyway.

But since playoff news came out, Boise State beat writers have repeatedly been asked whether the Broncos are reconsidering the move. The latest development was Boise State asking the Big East for help in finding a new home for its non-football sports, which aren't joining the Big East, can't be left in the Mountain West and have no WAC to turn to.

And now this, from Brett McMurphy:

An industry source told that Mountain West representatives met with Boise State officials earlier this week to persuade the Broncos to remain in the MWC. Adding to that possibility is that the Broncos still haven't formally notified the Mountain West they are withdrawing from the league. asked Boise State for a comment about the MWC meeting and why the school had not formally withdrawn from the Mountain West. "We are actively monitoring the changing landscape in college athletics and remain committed to making the best long-term decisions for Boise State," a spokesman said.

With the Louisville Cardinals and Connecticut Huskies pretty much openly looking for a way out of the Big East, along with ancient basketball-football discord, the Big East might not look as stable as its eventual 13-strong membership might suggest.

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