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Big 12 Expansion: Conference Would Be Interested In Florida State, According To Report

The conference realignment dance between the Big 12 and Florida State continues, with both Noles and Big 12 sources making overtures of mutual interest this weekend. FSU Board of Trustees Chairman Andy Haggard expressed his displeasure with the ACC's recent television deal, and indicated in no uncertain terms that the Board would be interested in looking into what the Big 12 had to offer.

On the other side, Yahoo!'s Dan Wetzel is now citing a source that says the Big 12 would be interested in Florida State. Via @DanWetzel:

This runs counter to what Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds stated earlier in the week, which was that the FSU rumors had "no basis." With both denials and expressions of interest already floating in the press from both sides, it appears the FSU and Big 12 rumors are just heating up.

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