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College Football Playoffs: ACC Favors Conference Champs, Says Jimbo Fisher

So far, the Big Ten and Pac-12 are united in favoring conference champions only in college football's eventual playoff system. The SEC opposes, as it should, while others have yet to publicly state their cases. And here we might have the first instance of the SEC and ACC disagreeing on a playoff issue:

The SEC and ACC were the first two conferences to propose a playoff in the first place.

This stance would obviously make sense for the ACC, as anything that would make it possible for teams ranked lower than the top four to make the playoffs would benefit the league. A champs-only format would've benefitted the ACC in 2003, when No. 7 Florida State would've made the cut at the expense of No. 1 Oklahoma (how smart is that?).

As far as I can tell, that's the only change that would happen in the ACC's favor. If Jim Delany's top-six plan were instituted, there would be no change over the last decade.