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College Football Hall Of Fame 2012: Ty Detmer In On First Ballot

Former BYU Cougars quarterback Ty Detmer has been announced as the first member of the 2012 College Football Hall of Fame class. The rest of the lot won't be unveiled until Tuesday morning, but for some reason one of them was announced Monday afternoon. I don't know.

Detmer is the seventh BYU player to make the Hall, and the fifth quarterback. He won the 1990 Heisman Trophy, along with pretty much every other available award that year, while setting NCAA records and leading the Cougars to a major upset win against the No. 1 and defending champ Miami Hurricanes. He finished with NCAA records in many major categories, including passing yards, quarterback rating and touchdowns.

This was Detmer's first appearance on the ballot, meaning he's done something Nebraska Cornhuskers legend Tommie Frazier wasn't able to do. Frazier, also, remains in this year's list of candidates at large.

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