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Boise State May Join Big West For All Non-Football Sports

While the Boise St. Broncos may still join the Big East Conference for football, they may end up sending the rest of their athletics programs in the other direction.

According to Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman, the Big West Conference is willing to consider allowing Boise State to join the conference in 2013-14 for all non-football-related sports.

"We did talk about Boise State specifically and where we have come out on this is that we have agreed to entertain interest in Boise State would be the best way to put it," [Big West Commissioner Dennis] Farrell said. "We're open to at least explore the possibility."

The Big West sent Boise State "a new membership assessment tool that we use to gather information from potential new members," Farrell said.

Boise State would need to make a decision by June 30, at which point the Big West's member schools would vote on whether to make BSU a member. It would require eight votes for the Broncos to make it in.

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