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Mike Leach Shot A Bear

Decorated college football coach Mike Leach will makw his triumphant return to the NCAA in the fall as the new head coach of the Washington St. Cougars. Both he and the school will be hoping for big things after Leach's two years away from coaching. But none of that is important right now. What is important: Mike Leach shot a bear.

On Thursday, Mike Leach reported that he shot a bear.

Not only did Mike Leach shoot a bear, but Mike Leach shot one of the biggest bears his guide had ever seen. I can only assume that this "guide" was Leach's assistant on a bear-shooting expedition. Possibly to New Bearistan, or Bearitonia.

This is a legitimate game-changer and probably instantly makes WSU the favorites to win the Pac-12, because their head coach just shot a bear. You think Lane Kiffin scares this guy? I don't believe he does.

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