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Air Force RB Asher Clark Dismissed From School After Drug Investigation

Air Force's second-leading all-time rusher has been dismissed from school a week before his graduation.

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What's the one thing cadets at the Air Force Academy should not do, probably? Sell or use illegal drugs. But that's allegedly the reason that running back Asher Clark has been dismissed from Air Force, according to an AP report.

Clark, the Falcons' second-leading all-time rusher, was removed from the academy one week prior to his graduation, and according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, his dismissal was related to an investigation into illegal drug use at Air Force that has ensnared 32 cadets, counting Clark.

The investigation began in January, with Air Force officials calling it an investigation into use of a banned substance other than tobacco, alcohol, or prescribed drugs, and Clark had previously been left home during an April trip to the White House for "not meeting academy standards."

Clark's 3,594 career rushing yards place him 14 yards behind Dee Dowis for the school record. He was a four-year starter for the Falcons.

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