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Virginia Tech To SEC Rumors Also Return: Oh, How We've Missed Them

Let's chart the recent history of rumors about the Virginia Tech Hokies making their way to the SEC, shall we? The most recent, of course, comes from ESPN's Chris Low, who was on the Paul Finebaum show Monday, saying, "I can tell you the SEC has their eyes on Virginia Tech."

That wouldn't be a surprise, as the Hokies were believed to be on a short list during last summer's realignment round that produced moves by Mizzou and Texas A&M. They were also among the teams mentioned during the previous year, which didn't result in any SEC moves.

In September, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari listed VPI among three teams he'd like to see added, along with Maryland and Missouri. A month earlier, we attempted to keep track of all the times Virginia Tech was forced to deny SEC rumors, finding at least three times. (It's at least four now.)

Virginia Tech could also be an interesting fit for the Big Ten, if the SEC ends up looking elsewhere. But the Big Ten has more options here, simply based on geography, and the SEC kind of has to move quickly if it wants to expand its borders, as there simply aren't very many more major football programs left on the outskirts of its current territory.

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