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Sun Belt Expansion Taking A Break: Bad News For Idaho, New Mexico State

Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson isn't going to try for the whole 16-team thing just yet, as his WAC did in the '90s. He says his league will hold steady at (/counts on fingers and toes) however many teams it's expected to have next year, when newbies Texas State and Georgia State come aboard.

The lineup for the time being: Middle Tennessee, UL-Lafayette, Florida Atlantic, Georgia State, Texas State, Troy, Western Kentucky, Arkansas State, South Alabama and UL-Monroe. That's 10, so no conference championship game just yet.

The Sun Belt has a number of upcoming (or potentially upcoming) FCS programs in its area that could be promising. Both Georgia Southern and Appalachian State have more elite football history than all the recent FCS imports combined. Appy State's more interested in Conference USA, however, and GSU's made no formal indication it wants to move up.

As for the two schools this news hits the hardest:

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