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Gene Smith Says Ohio State Has More NCAA Violations Pending

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith says the Buckeyes have 12 pending NCAA violations, though that number may be lower, a spokesman told The Lantern. Smith said the violations are in addition to those reported a week ago, released to the public as part of a large records dump.

The revelation may be surprising, but Smith maintained it's fairly normal for a large college athletics program.

"On an annual basis, we have about 40 (violations)," Smith said during the Tuesday interview. "It ranges in that area we're sitting at. In that 40 range is where we always hang.

"Our whole thing is if we have 10 (violations), I'd have a problem. I mean, I really would, because people are going to make mistakes. And that means if I only have 10 out of 350 employees (and) 1,000 athletes - something's not right."

Those quotes may appear to be shocking, but they're really not. We're talking about the entire athletic department, and violations that may range from butt-dialing a recruit or a slip of the tongue to more serious problems. It's unclear where these additional violations fall and Smith was unsure whether they'd be classified as secondary, or less serious, or primary.

It's also unclear which sports the violations are related to. While they may be concerning considering Ohio State's present state, these latest reported violations, whatever they are, fall under the "wait and see" category.

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