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SEC Confirms '6-1-1' Scheduling For Future Conference Games

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The SEC is likely to continue its "6-1-1" model for conference football games beyond 2012.

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The SEC's newly swollen 14-team membership forced the conference to tweak its time-honored football schedules for the 2012 season. On Saturday, the league confirmed for the first time that it will likely stay with the new "6-1-1" scheduling model into 2012 and beyond.

Larry Templeton, an SEC official and head of the league's "transition committee," told the Birmingham News that the format for conference games going forward appears to be the 6-1-1 model, which has every SEC team playing its six divisional opponents, a permanent rival from the other divisional, and one rotating opponent from the other division each year.

And while traditional rivalries like Tennessee's annual matchup with Alabama and Auburn's customary clash with Georgia are likely to be preserved as permanent yearly games, the long-running LSU-Florida series and the brand new "permanent" rivalries between South Carolina and Texas A&M and Arkansas could be up for debate.

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