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SEC Coaches On Playoffs, Permanent Rivalries, Big 12 Expansion

It's time for SEC meetings, which means lots of college football coaches saying things on the issues of the day.

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As Stewart Mandel tweeted Tuesday afternoon, an alien deposited on Earth in the middle of the summer would conclude that college football is just a bunch of results-free meetings that never stop happening in Florida. This week's edition is the SEC's turn, making this week of meetings that produce nothing an especially important week of meetings that produce nothing.

However, noteworthy figures are making noteworthy proclamations. Among them, Les Miles maybe spills the Big 12's beans (just giving Chuck Neinas more work to do) and Gary Pinkel reveals Arkansas and Mizzou as cross-division rivals, confirming a Texas A&M-South Carolina pairing.

A collection of topical remarks so far:

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