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BCS Championship Will No Longer Rotate Among Bowls, According To Report

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There will be many shake-ups in college football over the next several years, not least of which will center around the changes to the postseason as the current bowl system is phased out and replaced by a new era of playoffs to determine a national champion every year.

Matt Hayes at the Sporting News reports that there will be yet another wrinkle to the incoming playoff system. Under the new BCS television contract, the bid for the host location for the national championship game will be separate from the outcomes of the semifinal games. That means there will be no guarantee that any of the four semifinalists will host the national championship game at the end of the year.

Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports confirms this and specifies that host cities, not the bowls themselves, will bid for the rights to the national championship game each year. This should please college football fans who prefer that their sport's title game more closely resemble the selection process for WrestleMania.

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