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Tommy Rees Arrest: Game Suspension Not Guaranteed, But Arraignment Coming Soon

Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Tommy Rees was arrested at a house party late Wednesday night, along with linebacker Carlo Calabrese. Rees is accused of kneeing an officer while trying to escape with four others, while Calabrese is alleged to have drunkenly threatened officers while being held back by a crowd. Both were jailed -- Calabrese has been bonded out, and Rees faces a felony battery charge.

The next steps in the process, as put together by the Chicago Tribune's William Lee and Brian Hamilton:

If charges are not filed until Thursday afternoon, Rees may not be arraigned until noon CT on Friday.

A Notre Dame football spokesman did not have immediate comment from Irish coach Brian Kelly, but word from Kelly is expected sometime Thursday. Kelly is in South Bend after out-of-town trips to speak to alumni groups on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rees and Calabrese almost certainly will enter into the university's student disciplinary process, and there could be additional sanctions imposed by either the school or Kelly as a result.

Wide receiver Michael Floyd was arrested on DUI charges last year, and he found himself suspended from the program for several months. He was able to work his way back into Brian Kelly's good graces by the time the season began.

Rees started at quarterback last year, but was in a four-man battle for the job through spring.

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