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Craig James Concedes In Texas Senate Race

Craig James, former ESPN personality, saw his fledgling political career falter on Tuesday, conceding in the Texas Senate race late in the day. He gained just four percent of the vote among the nine Republican candidates looking to replace the outgoing Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. That was good for a fourth-place finish.

There will be a runoff between Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former Solicitor General Ted Cruz on July 31. There is no word yet on whom or if James will announce his support for in the second round of voting.

In Dec. 2011, news broke that James would run for the U.S. Senate and leave ESPN, but it soon became clear that he was an unknown to many and not liked by those who did. Back in February, an ESPN spokesperson said that the network has no intention of rehiring James, which means we'll need to see if that statement is still true.

Please hold true to that statement. Please.

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