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Craig James 'Just Ran Out Of Time,' Lost By Thousands And Thousands Of Points

Former SMU Mustangs star and ESPN personality Craig James received only 4 percent of the vote in Tuesday night's U.S. Senate Republican primary in Texas, finishing no better than third in any county in the entire state. His showing was especially bad in Lubbock, which was home to Mike Leach until James hired a PR firm to get the popular and successful coach fired.

Still, James says he'll keep on doing what he's doing:


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your support during this campaign.

Last night I issued a statement congratulating Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst for making it into a runoff. Now, it's up to us, Texas voters, to determine who will best represent us in the U.S. Senate.

Last night was not a defeat; victory was merely delayed to another day! As Vince Lombardi said, "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time." I am still just as committed to advancing our values in Texas and Washington, DC.

This campaign reaffirmed my belief that Texans understand exactly what is needed to turn our country around. We've found the winning formula and it's rooted in the principles that founded this country: limited government, personal responsibility and opportunity for unlimited prosperity.

We need to export the principles that have created unprecedented job growth and business innovation here in the Lone Star State. That's why I will continue my work with Texans for a Better America, the non-profit organization I founded last year. Texans for a Better America is dedicated to the Constitution, free market and American Exceptionalism. We have an important message and I'm excited to share it with the country.

I hope you'll join me in this effort by liking the Texans for a Better America Facebook page,following us on Twitter and signing up for our newsletters.

Again, thank you for your support and vote. I look forward to seeing you down the road!

For Faith, Freedom and Texas,

Craig James

While we’re here, let’s watch some college football videos from SB Nation’s new YouTube channel together: