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Herschel Sims Dismissed? OK State Fans Say He Sure Should Be

While we wait for official word that the Oklahoma St. Cowboys have dismissed running back Herschel Sims (as our own Cowboys Ride For Free first reported), let's check in on the fan sentiment regarding the would-be rising sophomore's status on the team.

As it's all but certain Sims is being accused of defrauding teammate Jeremiah Tshimanga out of $700, CRFF can't quite wrap its head around how he could possibly remain a member of the Pokes:

From a teammate standpoint, how do you trust him ever again? We aren't talking about someone who took someone else's last beer from the fridge or even snagged a five dollar bill off the coffee table. Sims took Tshimanga's ID without him knowing, forged his signature, and stole $700 from his bank account.

And then on top of all that, he repeatedly lied about it when confronted by both Tshimanga and the coaching staff. If you are a fellow teammate, how can you share a locker next to him after that without wondering if your belongings are safe?

More importantly, how do you respect someone that would do something like that to one of his own teammates? What kind of message does it send to the entire team if Sims is able to stay while so many other players have worked their butts off, have done everything the right way off the field, and will still never see the field as much as he will?

As a freshman, Sims produced 242 rushing yards, putting him third on the team behind a pair of sophomores and in line for a very big role in the future. He was rated a four-star recruit by Rivals and ranked as the second best all-purpose back in the country.

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