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Big 12 Would Expand To Add Notre Dame, Surprising Maybe Like 1 Guy

The Big 12 once again says it's set at 10 members, which we once again don't quite believe. Florida State and Notre Dame rumors are all floating around, and Louisville's just about throwing itself at the conference, and Les Miles has said he expects the SEC's new partner league to expand to 12, and you can't have a conference title game without a dozen members, and so on.

Chip Brown reports the Big 12 would indeed expand if it could have the Irish, and that might seem like the most obvious thing anybody's written all day. However, it would in fact be newsworthy if that's the conclusion the Big 12 has arrived at.

Will the Big 12 expand even without Notre Dame? Probably, I think, even though its most powerful school might not like the idea of adding another challenge in the way of national titles. Believing the Big 12 will remain at 10 forever is almost like believing the SEC when it said it was cool with 13 members, right?

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