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DeLoss Dodds Slingin' Heat At Texas A&M, SEC, Big East, Everyone

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It's the Big 12's turn to send out important suits to offer up quotes for dissection, but we can all go ahead and put away cutting instruments when it comes to these remarks by Texas AD DeLoss Dodds (this was in addition to listing "five strong conferences" that presumably doesn't include the Big East, pointing out the Rose Bowl isn't as conference-friendly as the Champions Bowl, and other general shop-wrecking), because these here are sharp enough:

The best part: the SEC and Big 12 are officially buddies now. Texas likes to position itself as above the A&M rivalry, but when its AD is cool with tearing down a business partner just to take a shot at the Aggies? You can't quit A&M, Horns. Accept it.

In Texas A&M's defense, the east side is where the people in Houston and Dallas are, so it's a mighty nice side to deliver, whether it's a "sliver" or not. It's just nice to see the Longhorns firing shots at the Aggies, if only because it ups the chances of the two playing again at some point.

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