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Watch 'Shutdown Fullback' Make Its Glorious Return To Clemson

The world's most-traveled college football show is at it again, venturing back in time to unearth more truths about people who eat tigers.


It's been too long, Clemson. It's been three decades, in fact, since your extraordinary 1981 recruiting video was made. Here was Part 1 of our journey to ancient Death Valley, and now it's time for Part 2.

Let's learn some more stuff about Danny Ford, Clemson's strength training program, harrowing Thanksgiving rituals, which former Soviet republic and gas giant planet Clemson is most like, sandwich hygiene, the most exciting 25 seconds in aquatic lawn sports, the many secrets of what all those Tigers fans were cheering about for the entirety of 1981, and so much more.

Join us -- and John Facenda -- in the ACC cheeseburger time machine!

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