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Florida State, Clemson To Big 12 Rumors Return, For Some Reason

Thought we were done with this, but guess not. Here we are compiling rumors regarding the Florida St. Seminoles and Clemson Tigers leaving the ACC for the Big 12, just in case you were wondering from whence such chatter hails this time around.

So here's the source, the same one that was widely scorned and hooted down last time around. An individual going by the name Honus "The Dude" Sneed at Eer Insider makes a mostly strong claim this week:

Remember that as you read what's below. It's true right now, May 4th, 2012 as I write it, but it may not be true tomorrow.

Clemson and FSU have an agreement in principal to withdraw from the ACC and compete in the Big 12 starting in 2013.

Sounds like quite a leap, and it's hard to imagine what sources a West Virginia blog would have inside either FSU and Clemson or the Big 12 that would enable such a mostly confident report. And it's hard to imagine any school would have an established agreement with a conference that is literally hiring a new commissioner on this very day.

But certain Noles and Tigers backers have indeed tired of the ACC's apparent basketball-first initiative, so the idea will again be popular among certain circles.