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Bob Bowlsby Press Conference: Big 12 Expansion Will Be Discussed

New Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby was introduced at a press conference Friday morning. He admitted he had some "reservations" about leaving the Stanford Cardinal to take over the oft-troubled league, but said he's "enthusiastic and bullish" and impressed with the future stability of the conference, even regarding the "800-pound gorilla" Texas Longhorns.

"Expansion is going to be a point of conversation for us," he said, but added that he has "no preconceived notions" on whether 10, 11 or 12 teams is the right number. The former regime was believed to have kept the BYU Cougars, Cincinnati Bearcats and Louisville Cardinals on the line in the event of a jump to 12 teams, but here we have a whole new regime.

All in all, he made a good impression, which most expected.

Before Stanford, Bowlsby worked for 15 years with the Iowa Hawkeyes. His hire has been hailed by those inside the Big 12 and out, with presidents and athletic directors giving him the same kind of praise as journalists and former colleagues have.