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Sammy Watkins Arrested: Comments From Dabo Swinney, Watkins

The Clemson Tigers got a bad piece of news Friday: Sammy Watkins, set to be one of the country's best sophomores next year, was arrested for possession of weed and Adderall. While both are misdemeanors, his status means the arrest will continue to draw a lot of negative attention Clemson's way.

Said coach Dabo Swinney in a statement:

I am aware of the arrest last night. I am mad and hurt by the poor decision that Sammy Watkins made. He is a good young man who has been a model student, citizen, player and teammate. This is a reminder that good people make poor decisions. But, there are consequences for your actions ... and there will be in this case. I am in the process of gathering the facts and discipline will be determined when I have completed that process.

And from Watkins himself:

I made a mistake last night, and I am truly sorry for my actions. I let the team down, the coaches down and this University down. I will learn from this. I will accept any discipline Coach Swinney and the University issues.

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