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Watch The 'Ban College Football' Debate Live Online Tuesday Night

By putting up this video player, which will stream Tuesday night's debate on banning college football (the one pitting college football expert Malcolm Gladwell and college football expert Buzz Bissinger against former football player Tim Green and ... another guy), I don't mean to imply that we're taking the thing seriously in any way.

If the entire proceeding were focused on how to fix football's concussions problem and involved multiple panelists with relevant expertise, then it would be an essential pursuit. But focusing on college football in particular, instead of including the far more violent NFL and the far more widespread high school game, ramps up the whole thing's general farciness, as does reaching for non-critical issues like academic scandals -- as if those don't happen in every college sport.

(That's all ignoring the ridiculous notion of banning an entire sport. They couldn't even ban 1910s college football, y'all, and players died during games back then.)

The debate starts at 6:45 p.m. ET and can be viewed online right here, for those so inclined. We should probably gather here at that time and have an open thread, you think?