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New ACC Deal With ESPN Worth $17 Million Per Member, According To Report

The ACC is the next to establish a long-term television contract, inking an extension with ESPN that will reportedly put the conference within hollerin' distance of the Big 12's new deal.

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With the Big 12's media deals with ESPN and FOX reportedly soon to be locked in for the immediate future, the ACC is the next to re-up. ESPN announced an extended, "multi-platform" agreement with the conference on Wednesday.

Though financial terms weren't disclosed, John Ourand reports ACC schools will get a significant financial boost from the approximate $13 million they were getting (and more than was predicted), but still come in a few million per year shy of their power-conference brethren despite adding two theoretically good college football markets.

The Big 12's latest deal is expected to pay $20 million to each school annually, in addition to each school being able to sell its own third-tier media rights, with $1 million to $10 million per year being a feasible eventual range for each of those. The ACC's deal doesn't appear to allow that.

However, the top five conferences are all getting serious money now, and this should dispel rumors of Clemson and Florida State leaving for the Big 12, at least for the time being. (Or maybe just ramp them up! How should I know! Both would still make noticeably more money in the Big 12.)

Some broadcasting details from ESPN:

The conference's planned increase to an 18-game conference men's basketball schedule and the additions of Pittsburgh and Syracuse will bring an increase of 30 conference men's basketball games per year and two more conference tournament games. In football, 14 more conference-controlled games will be televised each year. Per the extension, ESPN has the right to televise three Friday ACC football contests annually which will include a standing commitment from Boston College and Syracuse to each host one game as well as an afternoon or evening game on Thanksgiving Friday. Also, more women's basketball and dozens more Olympic sports competitions will be covered on ESPN platforms representing the conference's 25, soon to be 26, sponsored sports. [...]

  • Football on national TV: Extensive regular-season action on Saturday afternoon and nights, primetime Thursdays, three Fridays including Thanksgiving Friday, Labor Day Monday and the ACC Football Championship Game;
  • Men's basketball on national TV: The most comprehensive coverage of regular-season games and the entire conference tournament produced and distributed via ESPN; regular-season matchups of the storied Duke-North Carolina rivalry each year; full national telecasts on all games televised on an ESPN platform; a weekly ACC Sunday Night Basketball franchise on ESPNU;
  • Women's basketball: Numerous women's regular-season basketball games and the entire conference tournament;
  • Olympic sports: An extensive commitment to the league's soon to be 23-sponsored Olympic sports with regular-season and championship telecasts, highlighted by baseball, softball, lacrosse, and men's and women's soccer;
  • Digital media: Exclusive ACC football, men's and women's basketball, and Olympic sports games as well as simulcasts on ESPN3. Live ACC games, including football and basketball, on ESPN Mobile TV;
  • ESPN 3D: Select live ACC action on ESPN 3D;
  • Additional outlets: Select ACC action on ESPN International, ESPN GamePlan, ESPN FULL COURT, ESPN Classic and ESPN Deportes; and extensive content rights for