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College Conference TV Money Breakdown: ACC Gains As SEC Prepares To Strike

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Now that the ACC has its next long-term television deal in place and the Big 12's is reportedly right around the corner, all five power conferences are established ... except for the SEC. Though it's been lapped by the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12, the SEC's additions of Missouri and Texas A&M have enabled the conference to renegotiate its current contract, with some estimates flying as high as $30 million per school per year from TV money. Estimates fly high!

As it stands, the money breakdown per conference as best I can figure it (I tried my best!), based in part on work by Kristi Dosh and Jon Solomon:

Conference 2013 $ Through

Big Ten 22M 2031

Pac-12 20.8M 2023

Big 12 20M+ 2025

SEC 16.7M+* 2023

ACC 16M 2026

Big East 3.5M** 2013

Mountain West 1.17M** 2013

Conference USA 1.14M** 2015

+: This conference allows members to sell Tier 3 rights, or a certain reserved number of games that Tier 1 and Tier 2 broadcasters don't want. For example, Texas gets to put X games on the Longhorn Network that the Big 12's Tier 1 (ESPN) and Tier 2 (FOX) partners don't choose. The SEC's Tier 1 (CBS) and Tier 2 (ESPN) structure works similarly. Other conferences don't let members sell their own Tier 3 games. The Big Ten compiles all Tier 3 games on the Big Ten Network, while the Pac-12 is building something super space age-y with its Tier 3 stuff.

*: Oh ho, the big bad SEC, all broke and stuff! Just wait. When the SEC cashes in, Buzz Bissinger is going to ban college football so hard.

**: It's $17 million per member, but the ACC takes its own membership cut, so each school gets more like $16 million.

***: Went with 2013 membership ranks for these conferences, since they're all about to expand. Money should go up for the Big East by quite a bit, though not really near the upper class. Some are wondering whether Boise State's addition could help bring it to the $8 million range. If you have any estimates on how Charlotte and San Jose State will alter MOUNT USA's finances, please feel free to contribute.

While we’re here, let’s watch some college football videos from SB Nation’s new YouTube channel together: