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Maryland Football's Black Field Rumors May Have Terrifying, Nightmarish Legs

The Maryland Terrapins are rumored to be working on a new, freakish football field for the upcoming season. These rumors have only been whispered under the cover of nightfall, or in shady back rooms of taverns until recently. It is said the new field would be as black as coal and so terrifying as to turn the hair of a young man stark white. On Thursday, a new bit of information was spake publicly that could lend a chilling reality to these rumors. Read on ... if ye dare!

Omar Mohammed from WUSA 9 reported on Thursday that the field will indeed be getting a new look.

A source within the program told me that the turf being applied to the field will be either black or pewter.

Black or pewter! The devil's color or the devil's metal! This would seem to lend credence to this horrifying image of the (supposedly) proposed new field. Those with weak constitutions, avert your eyes:


via Mr. Irrelevant

Could this soon be a reality? If Maryland plays fast and loose with the accepted parameters of reality, what is next? A purple JMU field? A TCU field made entirely out of drugs? A Florida turf comprised of arrests?

Surely this would be the worst thing to happen to -- or in -- Maryland, ever. This would be the first and surely biggest blight on that tremendous state known as Maryland. Or, as we in the rest of the country refer to it, "The Ideal State."

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