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Maryland Football Field Not Yet Black For Certain, Spokesman Says

Visions of Maryland's tailored-by-demons uniforms clashing with an ink-black field at the Terrapins' home stadium danced in all of our heads this week, when the rumor that Maryland's field would be "black or pewter" buzzed around the Internet. But the school is denying that a decision has been made on the field's color, according to the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg.

A Maryland spokesman Friday disputed this report, saying that no decision has yet been made on the color or design of the field.

To this, we of course say: BOOOOOOOOOO.

Maryland's already known far more for its sartorial, um, distinction than its proficiency at the footballs — this may have something to do with being coached by Randy Edsall, who could eventually run off more players than the Terps had on their roster, resulting in the invention of negafootball, and who tried to block a player's attempt to transfer to Vanderbilt — and doubling down on being distinctive hasn't hurt other outliers, like Oregon. It helps that the Ducks are good, sure, but Maryland could play in black uniforms on its black turf and give its team the advantage of semi-camouflage.

That would probably help more with preserving home field advantage, what with fans who would no longer be able to see how bad Maryland is playing at every given moment not being able to boo as confidently when the black-on-black Terps still struggle with evading tacklers and defending receivers on better teams, but advantages are advantages.

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