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Survivor Eric Mack On Auburn Shooting: 'My Daughter Was On My Mind'

Auburn Tigers offensive lineman Eric Mack was fortunate enough to survive a Saturday night shooting that claimed the lives of two former teammates, Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips. He was released from the hospital late Sunday.

Now Mack has given an exclusive interview with the Times and Democrat, his hometown paper. In one of several amazing quotes, Mack says he was so busy trying to help others he didn't realize he'd been shot:

"I just wanted to make sure everybody was safe," Mack told the T&D. "I wasn't even worried about myself. When I first found out I got shot, I didn't even really realize it. I was still walking around checking on my teammates making sure they were all right."

Mack also tells the T&D he feels a "responsibility" to achieve for the families of his fallen teammates and that thoughts of his four-year-old daughter motivated him to make it through. During his brief time in the hospital, Mack heard from Alshon Jeffery and several other local stars.

The sophomore exited spring ball as a starter for Auburn at guard this year.

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