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Auburn Shooting: Police Raided Wrong House, FBI Admits

The manhunt for Desmonte Leonard, the man police suspect of killing three and wounding three in a Saturday night shooting, continues, with a Monday night siege of a Montgomery home turning up no arrests. Police fired tear gas into the residence, claiming at one point that thermal imaging turned up evidence of someone hiding in the attic. But early Tuesday morning, officers left the scene.

Now, via Reuters, the story:

The location "turned out not to be correct," FBI spokesman Douglas Astralaga said.

This, of course, has been disputed by local authorities:

Police earlier said that they had information taken from two 911 calls that placed Leonard at the home. Officers have now turned some of their attention to those reports themselves, promising to "vigorously pursue" anyone who offers false information.

They've said since early in the week that Leonard's believed to be in Montgomery, with two arrested "persons of interest" also hailing from the town. Officers have also said they'll pay to repair damage incurred during the raid, which sounds quite substantial.

Two former Tigers football players, Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips, died in the shooting, and a current player, Eric Mack, was wounded but released.

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