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Auburn Shooting: Desmonte Leonard's Mother Helped Convince Son To Turn Himself In, Says Auburn Police Chief

The manhunt for Desmonte Leonard, the suspect in the shooting death of three men, including two former Auburn football players, turned himself in on Tuesday night. While many details are not yet available to the public, it appears that Leonard's mother helped convince her son to submit to the authorities (via

[Auburn Police Chief Tommy] Dawson said he believes Leonard's mother helped persuade her son to turn himself in.

"She seemed like an honest person and she told me she'd do all she could," Dawson said.

Leonard is facing capital murder charges over the deaths of DeMario Pitts, Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips, the latter two being the former Tigers football players. He is also facing assault charges for wounding three others on Saturday night. He will be moved to Lee County later this week.

Auburn President Jay Gogue released a statement following Leonard's arrest. It reads in part:

[...] This is a difficult time for our campus and community. We're remembering those who lost their lives, and it's important that we pull together to help those who are grieving and recovering. We're offering counseling to students, and we've reached out to the families [...]

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