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College Football Playoff Debate At 'Impasse' Among Power Conferences

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We've all been saying for weeks now (literally) that the college football playoff debate battle lines are clearly drawn: The SEC and Big 12 want "the best four teams" in, while the Pac-12 and Big Ten want favor given to conference champions. So when commissioners say they've only whittled the list of playoff scenarios down to "multiple options," it's not hard to guess exactly what's going on.

Via Dennis Dodd:

According to a source, "a bit of an impasse" has developed between the power axis of the Pac-12/Big Ten and Big 12/SEC.

"If the Big Ten and Pac-12 presidents had embraced the four-team playoff, then I think there would have been a place where everyone was on the same page, and then ready to fill in all the gaps," the source said.

The plus-one format appears to be one of those options, but I don't think many reasonable observers expect it to get a serious push by anybody other than a flailing Jim Delany or sometimes absent-minded Larry Scott.

In two weeks, commissioners will present proposals to college presidents, who'll essentially make the final call on how to play the games. That's only the first step, as the real fight begins after that: how to carve up all the free playoff money being generated by young men. But rest assured a playoff is coming, as's Andy Staples reminds you. The BCS types have painted themselves into a corner and have made it so they'll absolutely have to figure their own way to finish the task. Or risk being, like, drawn and quartered.

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