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Desmonte Leonard Now In Court For 3 Murder Charges

Auburn shooting suspect Desmonte Leonard appears in court Thursday, facing three counts of capital murder for the Saturday night deaths of Ed Christian, Ladarious Phillips and Demario Pitts. The former two are former Auburn football players. A current Tigers player, Eric Mack, was injured in the shooting, but was released from the hospital shortly after. Leonard also has three assault charges to contend with.

The AP lays out what awaits Leonard on Thursday:

The hearing Thursday is expected to be brief, with a judge explaining the charges against him. Because he is charged with capital murder, bond is not expected to be set.

After the hearing, he'll be transported back to Lee County, the site of the original incident.

Leonard turned himself in late Tuesday after an extensive manhunt that led police to Montgomery, where they tear-gassed a house that Leonard was apparently not actually in.

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