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College Football Playoffs: SEC, Big 12 'Trying To Railroad' 4-Team Plan

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The original target date for a taste of college football playoff debate payoff was June 20, followed by June 26. Now, according to the Austin American-Statesman's Kirk Bohls, it might be more like September, as conferences will only have a few hours on June 26 to present their plans to school presidents, some of whom are anti-playoff to begin with.

This means it's time for some plus-one talk again, though I'd love to see which presidents will be brave enough to join Nebraska's Harvey Perlman in calling for anything less than a four-team format.

(And all this comes even though the BCS itself, whatever the BCS is, has already said the list of proposals has been narrowed to "a very small number of four-team options"). From Bohls:

I'm told by an industry source that the Pac-12 and Big Ten feel that the SEC and Big 12 may be trying to "railroad through" a four-team tournament, when the former two conferences are advocating a plus-one idea after the existing bowl games. "This thing is very fluid," he said. "These men are looking at this as their legacy."

I've been accused of being a SEC homer for saying this, but it's really more of a playoff homer thing: any conferences clinging to a plus-one proposal appear to be attempting some rhetorical flanking and political posturing, rather than arguing for the best postseason plan.

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