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Mark Richt Is The Champion Of Bowling

The Georgia Bulldogs may not necessarily be able to manage taking the SEC title in 2012, but UGA head coach Mark Richt is already a champion this year. The champion ... of bowling!

Throw the Flag was kind enough to bring to our attention a photograph that Richt tweeted on Tuesday night.

Mark Richt sure is proud of being the bowling champion! Look at this happy guy:


This guy is so good at bowling that he has muscles made out of bowling balls! And look at that resplendent "BOWLING CHAMP" world title belt! I haven't seen a more professional-looking championship belt since I drew the WWF Intercontinental title plates on portions of cut-up grocery bags and stapled them to the belt of a bath robe! I was nine!

In all seriousness, let's congratulate Richt for his backwards-facing weight belt with athletic tape on it. At least he'll have won one championship this year.

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