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Mike Leach Tells Matthew McConaughey To Swing His Sword On Wedding Night

Washington St. Cougars head coach Mike Leach keeps some interesting company beyond just those who run in football circles. He's friends with filmmaker Peter Berg and is into the whole Hollywood scene that kind of crosses over into the football side of the equation. And Leach is a longtime friend of actor Matthew McConaughey, even scoring an invite to the noted Texas Longhorns football enthusiast's recent three-day wedding bonanza.

Leach being invited to a three-day wedding -- which sounds like it featured everyone getting hammered and barely sleeping over the course of a weekend spent in a de facto tent village at the McConaughey compound -- is pretty great. McConaughey's tale of the monk who performed the ceremony having to sneak off to a hotel because everyone was being loud and partying all night is also pretty great.

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And, of course, the metaphor-laced gift Leach gave McConaughey was excellent (at about the 3:30 mark):

Considering Leach's marriage advice for anniversaries included the phrase, "She's not gonna come out of this thing unscathed," I think you can figure out the metaphor.