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College Football Playoffs: Let The Bidding Begin

Now that the BCS commissioners have agreed on a four-team playoff model for college football, the attention shifts to the details of the plan, including where games would be played. Two existing bowls wasted little time and are already preparing to bid for the right to host national title games.

Gator Bowl president Rick Catlett told the Florida Times Union the city of Jacksonville is ready to place its bid:

"Mayor [Alvin] Brown and [Jacksonville director of sports and entertainment] Alan Verlander are committed to bringing events like this to the city of Jacksonville and I think we're going to be able to put together a great bid," Catlett said.

They aren't the only ones preparing a bid. The Cotton Bowl along with the Dallas Cowboys and Cowboys Stadium have paired up to prepare a bid of their own.

Earlier in June, Roger Penske told the Detroit News he would be interested in helping Detroit and Ford Field secure the right to host a championship game.

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